You're almost a member of the best club in the world

Because there is nothing better than our loyal customers, we want to create the best club in the world for you, know all the advantages that we have prepared!

At Alannia Club everything is TOP

Take advantage of all the advantages you have just by being part of our Club.

Personalized attention

The best price guaranteed

Exclusive news and events

Special offers and privileges

Special email for inquiries and customer service, personalized service. As if we are more than friends

Forget looking for the best offer, if you are a member of the club, you will have the best price guaranteed, otherwise we will pay you the difference

Meetups, parties, entertainment and special activities. We assure you that you will not regret being part of our community!

For our club, first. You will be the first to know about all our offers, and you will also have discounts and exclusive promotions

For those of us who are already clients, what?

Surely you have thought that question more than once, then do not worry,
our Alannia club is created so that you never ask yourself again.



1€ = 1 point

For each reservation you make with us through our website or telephone, you will add points to your account, redeem in gifts or have exclusive privileges.



Depending on the level of points accumulated in your account, you will be able to access privileges such as: free late check out, discount at our facilities ... and many more!



You can redeem your points for great services or products. A day in Balinese bed, a pina colada, t-shirts, hats ...

Earn points with your reservations and redeem them for great prizes and offers.

Yellow (0 - 2999 points)

Last rooms available

Pre check-in online

Special offers and promotions

Preferred customer service.

Orange (3000 - 5999 points)

All the advantages of Yellow and also:

Late check out (depending on availability)

Advance entry to the room (subject to availability) From 12 noon

5% discount on Resort services.

Pink (6000 or more points)

All the advantages of Orange and also:

Complimentary drink upon arrival

Welcome gift

Preferred choice of accommodation

Welcome pack at the accommodation

FAQs and general conditions

Who can join the club?

All people of legal age who provide real data can register in our club.

How do points accumulate?

All reservations made through our website or reservation center will accumulate points to the system so you can redeem them for whatever you want.

When do I get my points?

There are different actions to get points for. Welcome points, for completing your data, doing surveys ... regarding the points obtained for reservations, will be added to your account once you check out your stay, that is, the day after your departure at our resorts.

How do I redeem points?

Through the Club platform you can redeem the points, it is necessary that you validate the code at reception so that they deliver the corresponding bonus and you can enjoy it.

Do discounts apply to all rates?

The discounts associated with the club only apply to general rates, not to special rates such as: weekend rates, long stays, monthly etc ... They cannot be combined with other discounts, unless otherwise specified.

Where can I redeem the discounts, to make my reservation?

All discounted club membership reservations are only redeemable through our website. You can do them with the code or method communicated by the platform.

How does the exclusive customer service system work?

For the members of our club, we have enabled a special communication channel with our customer service, for them it is necessary to indicate your data and the member number indicated by the platform, to communicate with the club @ alannia email. com

I have already redeemed points, how do I enjoy them?

You have to go to reception to validate the code and indicate the means by which to redeem your gift. To enjoy!

General conditions

The advantages and discounts included in the Alannia Club program will be valid only for members and reservations made through the website.

To register in Alannia Club it is necessary to register with personal data and correct mail.

The advantages and conditions of the Club are subject to change. Members will have access at all times to the list of current benefits of the Alannia Club by accessing

ALANNIA RESORTS declines any responsibility for the alterations that may occur in the Alannia Club program, including its cancellation. Registering and accessing the Alannia Club benefits program implies having read and agreed to the conditions set forth herein.

Terms and Conditions - Alannia Club

1. General

The association to the Alannia Club loyalty program, as well as its benefits, are offered by SERVICIOS TURISTICOS MARJAL SL CIF B54439948. The objective is to allow members of the Alannia Club to receive the benefits described below after registering for free in this program and staying at a Camping Resort Alannia that participates in this program. Hotels currently participating in this program are listed on the website. More hotels or campsites may be added or removed at the sole discretion of Alannia Resorts.

Alannia Resorts' rights and obligations under the Alannia Club program may be assigned or transferred by Alannia Resorts to any other related or unrelated entity at any time, and compliance therewith will be the responsibility of that entity.

1.1 Members

All people can be members of the Alannia Club. You can only register with the Alannia Club if you are over 18 years of age, are of legal age in accordance with your local legislation and have the capacity to enter into binding contracts (the program is not available to minors). Alannia Resorts employees do not have the right to join the program.

Alannia Resorts reserves the right to invalidate anyone's membership in Alannia Club and to revoke any offer or reservation made due to the following reasons:

a. Violation of these Terms and Conditions

b. Misrepresentation of any information or any inappropriate use of this program

c. Violation of any local, state, or national laws or regulations related to the use of members' privileges

d. Non-payment of hotel charges

e. The return of a check for lack of funds or invalidity for any other reason to a participating hotel

f. Fraud or abuse that includes any section of this program

g. Physical, verbal or written abuse in relation to a specific hotel or Alannia Resorts as a chain

h. Or any action, carried out in any way, that is detrimental to the program or any of its agreements.

At any time, a member may decide to cancel membership in Alannia Club through in their personal member account. The cancellation of the membership implies the total and complete withdrawal of the program, in addition to terminating permanently the existing relationship between Alannia Club and the member. Withdrawal will cause all data regarding members of the Alannia Club database to be deleted.

1.2 Program

Alannia Resorts reserves the right to restrict, suspend, interrupt or cancel the Alannia Club communicating it to all active members 30 days in advance.

1.3 Changes to the Terms and Conditions

Alannia Resorts reserves the right to modify, limit, change or cancel the Alannia Club Terms and Conditions, the regulations, benefits, conditions of participation, prizes or parts thereof at any time.

1.4 Legal rights

Neither the Alannia Club program nor any benefit offered by the program creates, constitutes, or enforces in favor of members any legal or contractual rights against Alannia Resorts.

Recourse to the courts is not permitted.

1.5 Data privacy

By registering with Alannia Club, members explicitly accept and authorize the personal information that they have provided to us in the registration form (I) to be processed by Alannia Resorts, in its capacity as data manager, by its subsidiaries, affiliates or franchisees , and (II) can be transferred worldwide to third parties to process your personal data on our behalf or when required by applicable law, as well as in the event of a company reorganization, merger or acquisition, so that such information is used for the administration of members' records, guest services, advertising, marketing and for communication purposes. They and we can contact you for advertising purposes by email, fax, telephone or postal mail. If the member no longer wishes to receive commercial email communications, they can unsubscribe from these commercial emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of them.

2. Participating hotels

All the hotels that appear on the website participate in Alannia Club.

If a hotel leaves the Alannia Resorts network or ceases to be a participating hotel once a reservation has been made, but prior to the current stay, the member benefits from the hotel in the form of a discounted stay. In addition, special offers will no longer be valid after the date the hotel leaves the Alannia Resorts network or terminates its participation in Alannia Club, even if the reservation was made before that date.

3. Registration

Registration of the member's personal account is free and must be done online by completing the form in the Alannia Club section on the Alannia Resorts website or in the online booking process or at the time of check-in. In both cases, the user may request to join Alannia Club. This option will be provided by email, through which you can register.

In addition, members can register with registration forms at the hotel. Members must have an individual email address and a unique ID to enroll in the program. The member's personal account is valid only for the member's future stays.

After submitting the form, the member will receive an email confirming the request

4. Booking methods and rates

Alannia Resorts benefits include all public rates. Free bookings and group bookings are excluded from the accumulation of points and benefits. Points will be awarded for accommodations and room rates reserved only through the Alannia Resorts website or by phone at our reservation center.

4.1 Cancellation of the reservation or no presentation to the hotel

In the event that a reservation is canceled or is not presented at the hotel, the member will not obtain any points for the reservation, even if the price for late cancellation or no-show is paid.

5. Member benefits

Members take advantage of the benefits communicated on the Alannia Resorts website. For reservations made by external means, members have no right to receive the communicated benefits of the Alannia Club.

In order for the member to be entitled to points, the reservation corresponding to the claim must be identified with the ID and email of the Alannia Club member.

6. Communication

Members can access all information related to their member account at Alannia Club. Any member of the Alannia Club who has joined the program agrees to receive commercial electronic communications from the program. If the member does not wish to receive electronic communications by email, they can unsubscribe from these emails by clicking the unsubscribe link at the end of these emails.

Any change in the email or postal address, member name or any other relevant information related to the member, must be reflected through the email

7. Advantages and levels.

Alannia club members will be able to access different advantages and privileges depending on the level they have acquired within the loyalty program. All these advantages are included in the platform and can be modified at any time.

7.1 Levels.

There are three levels depending on the number of points accumulated in the system.

· Yellow from 0 - 2.999 points

· Orange from 3.000 to 5.999 points

· Pink 6.000 points or more

8. Value of the points.

The value of the points within the loyalty system is 1 point per euro of the amount of the stay reserved in our establishments. Amounts spent within the establishment (bars, supermarket, spa ...) that are not collected in the confirmed reservation through the company's own website or our reservation phone are excluded.

9. Assignment of points.

The transfer of points to any other member of the club is not allowed.

10. Cancellation and expiration of points.

The company reserves the right to cancel points for some of the reasons stated in these conditions.

Regarding the expiration of points, the points have an expiration of 2 years, unless campaigns are carried out with points with a different expiration than this period, these campaigns will be duly notified to all club members affected.

11. Redemption of points.

Points can be exchanged on our platform and the voucher must be validated at the reception of our establishment. Only vouchers can be exchanged by people with an active reservation at that time. So it is not possible to exchange points if you do not have a reservation in your name in one of our establishments.